The Engagement Album of Andrea & Will

I remember playing basketball outside my apartment when I first moved to Singapore back in 2008, all the way out in a small town called Simei. There was this guy who was just tearing up the court with all his flashy moves and had a ton of swag. He turned out to be this guy from Toronto named Will, and we became really good friends, playing together just about every other day as we lived only a couple blocks away from each other. Soon after, he introduced me to this girl he had just met at his dancing classes.

Her name was Andrea. They were a really fun couple to hang out with and got along really well - but not too long after that, Will left Singapore to New York. Little did I know they would maintain their long distance relationship over the coming years. And 6 years later, I never imagined that we would all meet once again in Singapore for their wedding! I am really happy for them and proud of how far they’ve come along together! Congrats Andrea and Will!!

It was so much fun spending time with them again during the one week Will was here from New York for their wedding, and we are excited to share their engagement photos! They are such a fun couple to be with and such camera naturals! Wedding photos up soon...

One last thing - we just had to have some shots out at the basketball court. Will is all about playing ball, and you just can’t beat shooting hoops at 7am. He managed to swish a 3 pointer on his first try. Nice one Will!