The Wedding Album of Andrea & Will

Andrea and Will stole our hearts.

This wedding turned out to be one of the most fun weddings we've ever been to - A&W were just so relaxed and in high spirits the entire day. And we don't think we've ever seen a couple so competitive for camera time. They both had a complete repertoire of the most random poses and and were constantly mugging for the camera whenever it was pointed their way (you can see this come out in the photos). Talk about making it easy for their photographers. :)

Although we always look forward to wedding days - it never fails to be amazing to watch such special events unfold before your eyes - this one was just that much more special as we've known Andrea and Will for 6 years.

We miss them now they're back over in NYC. Andrea and Will, all the best for your future together. It was awesome being a part of your wedding.