Portraits: Lucia & the Unleashing of the Veils

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A month before I went to Hong Kong, I wanted to make a dramatic picture with flying double veils. So I got in touch with my favorite wedding shop / veil maker, Danny L, to craft a pair of matching extra long veils. He always does an amazing job and this one was no exception. Excellent cutting and awesome material.

I had a general concept in my mind of how the picture might look, but I didn’t know exactly where and how it would all happen, or how I would light it.

Then, while we were shooting in Tsim Sha Tsui, I noticed the clock tower in the middle of the Cultural Center and thought it would make a cool location - vintage walls that would give the picture a rustic feel and add atmosphere.

Suddenly it started pouring just as we were setting up. Lucky for me, Lucia and Sasha weren’t fazed by the rain (awesome right) and just powered right through the shoot. I felt like the look should be edgy…so we set up a flash on each side for some dramatic lighting.

A mixed crowd of tourists and locals hanging out (you would be surprised how many people hang out around the Cultural Centre at night) started to form behind us, and before you knew it everyone was snapping away with their cameras!

It took us about a half hour before we got the shot we wanted (chimping after every 10 or so takes) and in the end we were all pretty drenched…but it was totally worth it.

Being in Hong Kong was just so inspiring. Just a combination of so many interesting locations, and likeminded creative people to work with and who wanted to make pictures as much as I did.

Thanks to Lucia, Sasha, Ed and Jackie for this one.