The Engagement Album of Catherine & Jackie

One thing that immediately struck us about Catherine and Jackie when we met them was the undeniable chemistry between them. We could literally feel the love in the air when we were shooting them. They just loved being around each other, and we honestly couldn’t ask for a more fun loving couple to work with! 

We were impressed with their dedication to making their engagement pictures throughout our 2-day marathon photo session. To give you a bit of flavor of their stacked schedule, they had arrived in Phuket last Tuesday and then spent most of Thursday and Friday traveling around to all our shoot locations while at the same time organizing the wedding and spending time with all their guests that were arriving from overseas! Not only were they both up till 3am taking care of all the little wedding details each day, they also were up at 4am on Friday so we could capture sunrise! Then, on top of that, Saturday was packed with the actual wedding itself starting from the morning all the way through the early AM the following day!

But undeniably all their effort was worth it. Catherine and Jackie’s love for each other, combined with the stunning scenery in Phuket, constantly left us in awe. And made every picture just magical.

Catherine and Jackie, we can’t thank you enough. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did creating them for you.

Makeup & Hair: Jade YauSpecial thanks to: Madiow, Keit, and Danial for the assist out in Phuket!