The Wedding Album of Carrie & Chai

When Jade told me that our good friends Carrie and Chai from our church in Melbourne were having their wedding reception in Singapore, I was excited that we would be able to help shoot it for them. It's a special thing to be able to shoot a wedding for your friends, and we'd especially gotten to know Carrie over the past year. This wonderful couple has known each other for many years and it was apparent when we met them that they weren't just a couple getting married… they were also best friends. Amazingly, you could tell from the way they looked at each other that they had such a special relationship and a close bond that comes with true love. I think the photo at the top of this blog post just shows that perfectly…Carrie's expression just glows. We felt so fortunate that this couple wanted us to be a part of their wedding…which involved shooting Chai and his groomsmen at 5.30am in Singapore, then dashing across the Malaysian border for the gate crashing and tea ceremony to beat the morning traffic, and back across again to Singapore for the reception... it’s not every day you get to make a cross-country wedding trip within the span of a few hours! 

Carrie and Chai, hope you two enjoy these photos…we were thrilled to be a part of your beautiful celebration! (And yes, Carrie…we did manage to sneak in a few shots of your dog Cocoa!) :)