The Wedding Album of Allee & Rob

Even though Allee and Rob are now on the other side of the world in the UK, I still remember meeting them for the first time in Melbourne. Allee is always-on, super energetic, super fun and feisty, while Rob is always cool, composed, and witty. Allee has been Jade's bestie for the longest time and when they asked us to join them in Melbourne for their wedding, we were so excited to be a part of it...with me behind the camera (much thanks to Chong Wei Wei of Aweiding for being an amazing and helpful second shooter too!) and Jade as Allee's bridesmaid. Our time with them was non-stop fun. We enjoyed every moment and wished their wedding just wouldn't end.


We arrived in Melbourne just days before the wedding but thanks to Jade's expertise we were able to navigate the CBD and get to all of our favorite spots for the engagement shoot... all within just 10 minutes of each other! Allee and Rob really did a fantastic job and were just so natural in front of the camera! 

And before we knew it, the wedding day was there already! We kicked off the morning at the Hilton South Wharf where we were thoroughly entertained by a gate crashing featuring Rob and his groomsmen's' soulful rendition of The Wonder Girls song "Nobody" where they pretended not to know the song but turned out to be clearly were incredibly well versed in K-Pop dancing and singing. :)

After that, it was off to the Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden (in the Royal Botanic Gardens) for the ceremony. It was honestly one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever seen, set against such a stunning backdrop!

Then it was off to Flinders Station to take some fun bridal party shots! Funny thing is we were actually photobombed by another couple who wanted to join the we had to shoot this piggyback race twice. Couldn't believe that on a busy weekend everyone waited for our bridal party to run across the intersection and watched the action! :)

And then unfortunately the day had to come to an end...but not before a fun-filled dinner at Man Mo in South Bank!

Allee and Rob, thanks so much for having us be a part of your special day. All the best to the two of you and looking forward to seeing you both in Melbourne agains soon! :)