The Wedding Album of Kelly & Eu Shen

I honestly don't think anyone in our family expected Eu Shen to get married so quickly after meeting Kelly - but sometimes when you meet the right person, you know when you know! I can still remember him telling me about how he'd found the right one just weeks after meeting Kelly. Having grown up with Eush since we were little kids running around Penang, I'm just so happy that he's finally met that special someone. Eu Shen and Kelly just have the most incredible chemistry and it's easily apparent how much they care for each other. When they finally got married 3 weeks ago in Perth, it was quite the experience seeing my cousin who's practically been my little brother my entire life all grown up and ready to face the world with Kelly. She is just such an incredibly chill and fun person to be around. All I can say is we wish them nothing but the best for their journey together and happily welcome her as part of the family! Eu Shen and Kelly, thanks for having me as a groomsman and also 'rocking the lenses' <-(learned that one from Kelly) for you on your special day!

Hair and Makeup: Yuko Batas / Alice Blue Hair & Makeup 

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