Changi Beach Prewedding - Hannah & Amos

When we first moved to Singapore a few years back, we didn't know many people, but thanks to Hannah (Jade met her when they were working together at Alpha Singapore), who welcomed us with open arms, we were able to adjust to life here quickly! Over many photoshoot collaborations (yes, Hannah is so very talented at makeup) and many nights munching on truffle fries at PS Cafe, we got to know her really well and were so happy when we found out she was engaged to the amazing Amos! Not only is this couple so fun-loving, but they are really musically talented and always seems to know the best places to eat at (particularly since Amos is a chef and runs the awesome restaurant Lowercase)! We had such a great time spending the day with them for their engagement shoot and as always, time with them went by all too quickly. We are so blessed and grateful to have them in our lives and look forward to many more years of friendship!