We are Darren and Jade Photography, a fun loving, always-camera-carrying wedding photography and videography team now based in Singapore.

We feel truly blessed to be able to work with the couples that we do.
And never forget that we are here because of them.

We've been shooting weddings since 2013 and treat every wedding as if it was our own. We'd love to get to know you better. But in the meantime, here's a little bit about us!

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Darren grew up in San Francisco. Jade grew up in Melbourne.
Now we both live in Singapore, and we love it here!

We love being the couple that photographs other couples.
We love being in love and seeing others in love too!


Jade is a coffee connoisseur.
Darren can't tell the difference between gourmet coffee and 7-11 coffee.


Jade loves to cry during chick flicks.
Darren likes to be a pillar of strength during these emotionally challenging times.

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Darren loves taking pictures all the time.
Jade loves being Darren's model.

Actually, Jade REALLY loves being Darren's model.

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We hope you'll enjoy looking through our portfolio...
And at two of our favorite wefies! :)