Germaine & Eu Leong / Bali, Indonesia / I can remember one day out of the blue, when Eu Leong suddenly called me and asked, “Hey can you and Jade come out to shoot a proposal video for me?” “Of course”, I said. "Where and when?” He paused for a moment. “Oh in Bali, in a couple months.” Wow. Just like that, my cousin was going to be a married man. We had only started hanging out again in Singapore after being located in different countries for the longest time, and had met Germaine not too long ago. She was just the coolest person, and we thought they were just so awesome together, with excellent chemistry. They loved eating out and trying all kinds of food (there are foodies, and there are Germaine and Eu Leong), loved traveling, loved having deep talks with each other, and doing just about everything together…but most of all they just loved being with one another. So it goes without saying we were super happy for them, and really hoped she would say yes when Eu Leong proposed to her. So off to Bali we went…and as you can guess, she did say yes in the end after one of the most awesome proposals we’d seen, and we just had to do an engagement shoot literally moments after their engagement. And we had just the best time!