May Kaye & Jamie / Port Dickson, Malaysia / May Kaye had just gotten engaged to an Australian guy named Jamie who was living out in Perth, and they had just begun their wedding planning. We were talking about their engagement photos, and going over various concepts and locations. She wanted an outdoor shoot and loved water, because she was into diving. Maybe something at the beach, because it fit her bright and cheerful personality. So I thought, just out of the blue, without thinking there was any chance of it happening, that maybe, just maybe, she might be interested in doing a trash-the-dress shoot. "What's that???", I remember her asking. I explained that some couples would jump off a pier or or a cliff and into the ocean, and trash their wedding dress in the process - but this made for some really epic action-style wedding photos. She blinked as the thought processed in her head. "YES! We'll do it! Trash the dress!", she exclaimed.