Your wedding day, as it happens

This day that you spend a year or so carefully planned for carefully, a day filled with excitement, emotion, excitement, suspense, drama and fun. It will pass you in an instant. We believe that a great wedding photography is capturing that timeless moment so that you can relive that fleeting moments forever.

Known as documentary or reportage wedding photography or wedding photojournalism. Our approach simply means that we tell the real story of  your wedding day through our images, with no posing, intervention or prompting.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience to be enjoyed full with your family and friends,  not your photographer.

How we work

We try to arrive as early as we can to the bride home before the make up session begins to capture the preparation and build up, then onto the brides maid preparing for the gate crash. We shoot discreetly throughout the ceremony and afterwards as you greet your family and friends. We take a short break while your guest eats then its on to the wedding dinner at night followed by march in and speeches. We stay long enough to capture a few shots of your guest before we proceed to the table shots and then disappear into the night.

We then perform basic colour correction and black and white conversions for the images. Any duplicate or unflattering images will be deleted leaving you with a final set of about 500 professionally finished images. You will receive all the images in high resolution files so you can produce your own prints or a perfect set for Facebook. You will also receive a link to an online gallery (Can be password protected for privacy) which your family and friends can visit wherever they are.

At Pebble and Pine Photography we are thrilled to take part in this exciting and memorable milestone with our clients.  We are lovers of human stories, of romance, of silliness, of emotional connections, of natural beauty, of the off-beat, and the eclectic.  A perfect day for us is spent amongst a group of people who are celebrating how much they love one and other.

Based in Victoria, we are drawn to the magnificent beauty the west coast has to offer, and love to capture weddings that feature the outdoors and nature.  We see the inspiration that nature has on human connection and how we love.  

While our roots are in Victoria and Vancouver Island, we are an adventurous duo and we leap at the opportunity to travel with couples.  We work regularly in Vancouver and up the Sea to Sky Corridor, and have also photographed wonderful couples throughout British Columbia and Canada, as well as destinations around the globe.

On the day of a wedding, we delight in capturing as many moments as possible.  We love the nervous excitement, the giggles, the tears, the kisses and embraces, the dancing and partying.  

We love the decor and personal touches of each wedding, whether they are elegantly elaborate or simply minimalist.  Working as a duo makes it possible for us to thoroughly eternalize your wedding day, capturing moments and details that may elude solo photographers.

In addition to catching all the candid moments, we revel in taking our couples off the beaten path to get those “one of a kind how did they do that blow your mind” amazing shots of our lovebirds!  To make it all possible, we enjoy spending time to get to know our couples, their lives, their hobbies and interests so that their photos genuinely represent their love and uniqueness.

We’d love to spend some of time to get to know you, and hear your story over a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (or wine, you know, cause that’s nice too!)

Things about Matt

I am the Matt half of Pebble & Pine.  Myself and photography have been good pals for quite a long time.  I remember being entranced by it all the way back to my childhood, when I won a unique 3D camera as a raffle prize in a hockey tournament.  I took a million pictures with that thing, and they all turned out pretty terrible, but that was just the beginning of a journey! 

Since deciding to pursue photography as a career in 2008, my comfortable hobby has blossomed into a full-blown passion focused primarily on photographing weddings and couples in love.  There’s just an energy about them that I adore.  Spending time with people on the happiest days
of their lives is addictive!  

But it always felt like there was something incomplete, and I didn’t know quite what it was. When Sayde and I started working together, I finally figured it out . . . couples in love are just meant to be photographed by another couple in love!  Working with her has brought me a whole new level of appreciation and enjoyment of what I do, and I can’t wait to bring that enthusiasm to your wedding day! 

Things About Jade

While Matt came from the mountains of northern British Columbia, I was raised in the fields of Southern Ontario.  I grew up in a close family, with a beautifully creative mother, and ruggedly outdoorsy father.  My wild imagination, and love of nature clearly came from them.  As a kid who spent a lot of time outside, I was constantly seeking adventure, stories to tell, and magnificent ways of telling them.  As an adult, photography became my way of story telling.  It allowed me to show people the beauty I saw in my surroundings, and in the people around me. The west coast seemed like the perfect setting for all of this, and satiated my love for the outdoors.

After moving to Vancouver, I met Matt.  He instantaneously became the person I barraged with all things photography-related. I relentlessly asked questions, and begged him for advice and tips that would help grow my skill.  One day, Matt invited me along with him as an assistant, to get a taste of what shooting weddings is like. I had helped my decorator mom with weddings in the past so I was curious to experience weddings through a photographer’s eyes. It was an entirely different world. It was humbling and sentimental to be part of a couple’s marriage, and be the ones to share their story.  I fell in love immediately; with capturing weddings, and with Matt.