Claire & Charles - Melbourne Prewedding 1.jpg

Claire & Charles / Melbourne, Australia / It's been a seriously longggg time since we last shot in Melbourne, not since 2015!! So you can imagine how stoked we were to finally return and see things in a new light (no pun intended haha) but seriously it's always nice to go back somewhere to shoot and see how much you've evolved since then as a photographer. And going back to the Twelve Apostles, it was so refreshing (and frankly a bit amazing) to realize we were seeing things differently and trying so many shots from different angles that we didn't see last time. We spent 3 days documenting the prewedding journey of the most amazing Charles and Claire, and it was such a blast hanging with them. They were in high spirits and super energetic the entire time, totally excited to explore Melbourne with us!  

Special thanks to Singapore Brides for featuring our shoot: