Jo'maine & Jia Han - Singapore Prewedding 0.jpg

Joโ€™maine & Jia Han / Singapore /  Every now and then we get a couple like this who wants to do something really different and doesn't want to shoot at any typical prewedding locations. And who are we to say no to their adventurous spirit? As a matter of fact we enjoyed it just as much as they did! When we first met up we talked for hours about doing a shoot like this and it was pretty sweet to see it come to life finally!

Climbing up all these containers was super fun, so was that sense of being up there too! Much respect to Joโ€™maine for doing so in her truly epic wedding gown as well - we didn't think it was possible, but that's just how amazing she was at making all these shots happen! The things people do for photos nowadays right! Gotta love it!

Thanks you two for such a memorable experience running around and doing epic stuff. Looking forward to your big day ahead, how epic would it be to do a massive bridal party shoot in another container yard? ๐Ÿ™ƒ Just sayin haha! It was such good times hanging with you both and we are grateful also for the amazing Fish n Chicks meal!