Ashley & Alvin / The W Sentosa - Singapore / I still remember back in 2009 when I first met Alvin. It was our first day at Melbourne Business School and officially, we were looking to advance our careers with all the wisdom and knowledge that you’re supposed to gain from tackling a tough 2-year MBA program. Unofficially, we were looking to take a 2-year break from the corporate grind, and enjoy our next 2 years in a new country and meet new people. Our friendship quickly solidified over the next couple years as we went through all the rigors of having to learn to study again while trying to have enough time to enjoy the great Australian lifestyle. The whole time though, as sociable and as outgoing as he was, he stayed single because he just hadn’t met that right person yet. So I wondered when he’d ever meet that special someone, and who she would be. Fast forward a few years, with both of us relocated to Singapore, and one day, he suddenly introduced Jade and I to this girl he’d just met, Ashley. She seemed like a perfect match for him, with a really caring personality that shined through right away, and a dazzling smile to top it all off (most importantly though, I remember she laughed constantly at all our jokes). I remember feeling really happy for him that he’d finally met the right person, and it was pretty apparent that they had the most amazing chemistry. Next thing you know, we were shooting their beautiful wedding at the W Sentosa!