Karen & Justin / Orchard Road Presbyterian Church & Raffles Hotel - Singapore / When we first met Karen and Justin at our church group a couple years back, little did we know that we’d be shooting their wedding one day! They were just the most fun couple to shoot (unbelievably completely relaxed and chill the entire time!) and it was an unforgettable day spent with them. We’ll never forget all the attention they paid to the little details, from Karen’s amazing flying winged shoes, to Justin’s solid gold bowtie, to the coolest fold-out Where’s Waldo style wedding invitations, to the musical instruments for all the guests to play at dinner - a tribute to Karen’s musical background - she’s actually part of the band Tricks & Cider - check them out, they are really good!). This wedding just had their personality stamped all over it like none other and there was even a bus to take us all to the afterparty (when the day sadly had to came to an end...)!